Regional Business Opportunities Available

Paddle boarding & Ebikes are some of the fastest growing sports in the outdoor recreation industry. We have undeniably witnessed an explosion of growth in this outdoor service sector in the last few years! Our accessibility to low-cost, high-quality ebikes & inflatable paddle boards built to our specifications, has proven repeatedly that we are the leading adventure rental brand in mobile on-demand services.  

Our turn-key business package allows you to start small, and to diversify over time, allowing you the capacity to grow your business into a multi-vehicle service that can expand to larger regions in your area. We continue to hear ‘What a great idea!’ from current and loyal customers, which continues to support our positive Palli Palli Adventure Rentals business model. 

You’ll be able to run your new business from a home office alongside your EV car and equipment stored at your residence. Our equipment setup package is affordable and can be used over multiple years, ultimately saving you money on future expenses.

With our multiple income streams from rentals to retail, you’ll soon see why individuals who come across our on-demand mobile rental platform have nothing but positive things to say.

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