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  • 10ft ALL-AROUND Package

    $1,599.00 CAD


    The 10′ Palli All-Around paddle board takes the best technology of our 11′ Touring board and scales it down. Designed for folks who are smaller in stature it’s the perfect board for a rider looking for the full touring experience on a shorter-lighter board. True to its name the All-Around 10′ board is fast, maneuverable, and super-stable, making it ideal for for the lake or the ocean.

    Board Only Price: $1149

  • 11ft TOURING Package

    $1,699.00 CAD

    Our best-selling 11′ Palli Touring board is the benchmark for speed and maneuvrability. Whether you’ve been paddle boarding for years or it’s your first season, this is a perfect board for your skill level.

    Board Only Price: $1249

  • 12ft EXPLORER Package

    $1,799.00 CAD

    The 12′ Palli Explorer board is designed to be a top-notch solo or tandem tour. Based off the designs of our touring boards, the Explorer provides great stability, with a sleek nose and wide back it’s very stable, and designed to hold the line for longer. The extra length makes it a great board to accommodate some company, so take the kid or the dog for a paddle!

    Board Only Price: $1349

  • 13’8 ADVENTURE Package

    $1,899.00 CAD


    At nearly 14′ the Palli Adventure board is our top of the line inflatable paddle board. Its size delivered unparalleled speed, size, and stability. With great balance and tracking the board is designed for long hauls. For multi-day paddle boarding trips, the Palli Adventure is the perfect solution with amazing tracking and plenty of space for bringing gear along.

    Board Only Price: $1449

  • 9ft TEEN Package

    $1,499.00 CAD


    The 9′ Palli Teen is the ideal board for young adults (11-15) getting into paddle boarding. While designed with stability and maneuvrability in mind, speed hasn’t been sacrificed. This is the perfect board for getting into paddle boarding and developing the skills before transitioning into a larger board size when required.

    Board Only Price: $1049

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